"This is the most searching book I have seen on television's assault on our individual psyches and our society. Scheuer emerges as not only a first-rank scholar of the media but a philosopher of the media."

Daniel Schorr, Senior Analyst, National Public Radio

"This is a thoughtful, in many ways amazing book. I thought it was impossible to say anything new about how to think about television until I read Jeffrey Scheuer's provocative meditation. Part polemic, part brief for an intriguing thesis about media and the left (that I'm not sure I buy) and part rainbow of dazzling insights, no student of the media can afford not to read this book and no serious watcher of television will want to miss it."

Victor Navasky, Publisher and Editorial Director, The Nation

"This brilliant and unique book explores the implications of television's inherent propensity to simplify complex ideas. I highly recommend The Sound Bite Society to all students and critics of television, both academic and otherwise, and to anyone concerned with politics and the future of American democracy."

Marie Winn, author, The Plug-In Drug

"The Sound Bite Society is a beautifully written and powerfully argued account of our televisual culture. Politics is the central focus of this account; Scheuer asks what the culture of television means for democratic political life. His response is social criticism of the best kind--genuinely enlightening about the structure and language of contemporary television, deeply engaged with, and persuasively unhappy about, its concrete reality and moral/intellectual effects."

Michael Walzer, Professor of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study.

"Unless liberal reformers come to understand television's preference for the simplicities of political conservitism, Jeffrey Scheuer predicts that campains for much-needed social reforms will be defeated not with a bang but with a sound bite. This is well worth the read."

Derrick Bell, NYC Law Professor and author of the national bestseller

Faces At the Bottom Of The Well.

Scheuer's provocative, incisive, well-written book is highly recommended for students and scholars concerned with politics and the media, as well as the general public overly saturated by sound bites."

Nancy Kranich, President-elect, American Library Association.